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The Avengers trailer is here


The interplay between all the members of the group looks great, and I’m sure RDJ loved all of Whedon’s one-liners for Stark. Not the biggest fan of the screaming rock music, but I’ll be damned if the actual footage isn’t pretty cool. Check it out.


Barbara’s Not Broken

As I’m sure many of you have heard, the DC universe is being rebooted from scratch later this year. For some, the move is a bit of a relief. After all, isn’t the DC universe just way too complicated? It’s one of the reasons I’ve always been a bigger fan of the Marvel universe. Hell, DC has done soft reboots before in the form of a Crisis… but they’ve never restarted with a total blank slate until now.

Many stalwart fans of the DC comics universe are upset by the change and rightfully so. Rather than simply start over, DC is doing so with some major changes to iconic characters. While it certainly seems like the right time to change up the status quo for many characters, some it seems are getting rather baffling augmentations. One such character, Barbara Gorden is being changed in a fundamental way.

For those of you not familiar with her history, she led a successful crime fighting career as Batgirl until the Joker paralyzed her. For the last twenty years, she’s taken the role of Oracle, a techno savvy information broker who acts as a confidant to Batman and many other heroes. With the universe rebooting, the writers at DC have taken the opportunity to return Barbara to the land of the walking. I personally found the decision suspect, as Barbara’s role as Oracle made her a unique presence and a far more interesting character. If she becomes another costumed hero, how is she different than anyone else?

Well, one such writer, Eric Glover, felt compelled to write a passionate and thought provoking editorial on the subject. Not only does his article go into the pitfalls of changing the character, but why she stands as an important symbol of diversity and overcoming disability in the midst of a less than diverse medium. I hope someone out there at DC is listening, as Eric makes persuasive argument against the coming change to the character I agree with strongly. I highly suggest you check it out:

Batgirl and the Big, Gay Wheelchair

X-Men meet Peanuts

Just found this and thought it was adorable. Click it to see it in full size.