Exploring the corners of entertainment you never even knew existed


I’ve been knee deep in the entertainment industry since I could read. I’ve picked up a few interesting pieces of information along the way and thought I’d use my viewpoints to take a fun look at modern entertainment… from movies to video games and everything in between. Media Rushes is just as much for the casual gamer and moviegoer as the hardcore members of Geekdom. It’s a chance to explore all the parts of media that escaped your glance the first time around.

The entertainment industry is massive and it’s possible you haven’t had the time or the motivation to explore a lot of it yourself. But if you’re the least bit curious… stay tuned in. Chances are an article on the site will relate to something you love.

So, stop by every so often. You might find something that will surprise you.

Media Rushes is run by Aaron Edwards. Web design work by William O’Connell


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