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Mass Effect 2: Arrival Review

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Mass Effect 2 has had probably the best run of DLC of any game of the generation. The first batch, including a new squad mate, came completely free with a new copy of the game. Later, Kasumi’s “Stolen Memory”, “Overlord”, and “Lair of the Shadow Broker” were worthwhile expansions that extended the life of the game and the Mass Effect universe. Now comes “Arrival”, the last piece of DLC leading into Mass Effect 3. As the last mission we’ll ever get to Mass Effect 2, “Arrival” is a nice enough swan song with several reservations. As a prequel to the third game, the DLC fares a little better, but raises more questions than it provides in suspense and anticipation. (more…)


Fringe Review: “Bloodlines”

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The Culture of James Bond: The Brosnan Years

James Bond might be a British agent, but he’s subject to the whims of the American public in much the same way as our other cinematic heroes. The film industry is, after all, a business, and the best way to make money is to give the people what they want. As one of the oldest and most beloved film franchises, starting with Dr. No in 1962, 007 has had to adapt to the times… for better or worse depending on the era. As a result, the influences that have shaped the Bond films have been numerous and at times (and at other times not) surprising. If you really look at the movies throughout the years, you’ll be able to find exactly what event or craze that gripped America at the time.  With the tragic passing of composer John Barry, who graced us with exciting scores for eleven of the Bond films, it seemed time to honor both him and franchise.

In part four of our retrospective, we look at the Bond most of us grew up with: Pierce Brosnan. (more…)

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Disappearance Review

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Story complaints aside, I’ve been very fond of the latter two Assassin’s Creed games. Ezio has been a very compelling character, even if his arc in Brotherhood isn’t quite as strong as it is in the second game. One great aspect of Ezio’s journey has been his relationship with Leonardo Da Vinci. The two have a sort of James Bond/Q bromance going, so having an adventure devoted to them is very welcome. (more…)

Two Shots From The Set of The Hobbit

These just got posted on ain’t it cool. Peter Jackson on the set of the Hobbit. Or, more specifically, Bilbo’s house. Click on them to enlarge.

You know… for a guy who just got out of the hospital for an ulcer, Peter Jackson is looking pretty damn sexy, though I’m sure the photos were designed to illicit that reaction.  Seriously, don’t they look like something out of Vanity Fair? Pretty cool. Can’t wait to see photos of the cast.

Fringe Review: “Stowaway”

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Buy Street Fighter IV For a Dollar And Help Fund Disaster Relief In Japan

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Street Fighter IV for the iphone is a surprisingly fun game (given the platform) with good controls, fancy graphics, and iconic characters. If you were on the fence about getting it for the Iphone, Capcom has given you all the reason in the world to pick it up.

In a sale lasting until March 22, Capcom has reduced the price of Street Fighter IV for the Iphone from $9.99 to a mere $.99. Even more important, all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to assisting victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

It’s a great game, a great deal, and you’re helping people. Is there anything better?

You can pick up the game here.

Flynn Lives!

This is an easter egg on the upcoming Tron Legacy boxset, but it’s been leaked early. I won’t spoil it for you, but it takes place AFTER Tron Legacy, and bridges the gap for a possible Tron 3. Some familiar faces show up, so enjoy.

There’s also supposed to be another clip out there involving Quorra… I’ll stay on the hunt for it.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, but it seems Disney took the video down. I’m sure it’s still floating around the internet somewhere. I’ll try to find another source.

Fringe Review: (Season 3, Episode 16) “Os”

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Dead Space 2: Severed Review

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