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Fringe Review (3×15): “Subject 13”

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Academy Awards 2011 Predictions

Well, if you care about the Academy Awards or not, it’s always really fun to predict who will win what. So, here’s my crack at it. (more…)

For those of you who love Knights of the Old Republic.

I found this wallpaper while surfing the net and had to share it. It says it’s for The Old Republic, Bioware’s Star Wars MMO. Does this mean Revan and Malak from the first Knights are in it? Doubtful, as the new game takes place 300 years in the future… but it makes you wonder…

Click on the image to get the full size, then download.

Fringe Review: “6B”

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The Culture of James Bond: The Moore Years

James Bond might be a British agent, but he’s subject to the whims of the American public in much the same way as our other cinematic heroes. The film industry is, after all, a business, and the best way to make money is to give the people what they want. As one of the oldest and most beloved film franchises, starting with Dr. No in 1962, 007 has had to adapt to the times… for better or worse depending on the era. As a result, the influences that have shaped the Bond films have been numerous and at times (and at other times not) surprising. If you really look at the movies throughout the years, you’ll be able to find exactly what event or craze that gripped America at the time.  With the tragic passing of composer John Barry, who graced us with exciting scores for eleven of the Bond films, it seemed time to honor both him and franchise.

With part two of our retrospective, we look at the reign of Roger Moore…


Valentine’s Day Gift Buying

For anyone who still has to do some last minute buying left.

Video Games in Stand Up Comedy

I’ve wondered when it would happen, but here it is: a stand up comic using games for a routine. He really hits the nail on the head here. Give it a watch!

Fringe Revew: “Immortality”

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Dead Space 2 Review

Back in 2008, EA shocked the gaming community by injecting a few original (say it ain’t so!) properties into their Christmas line up. Among them was a little sci-fi horror game called Dead Space that shot, stabbed, and mutilated its way into the hearts of gamers everywhere. Taking the best parts of Alien, The Thing, and Event Horizon, Dead Space delivered a surprisingly scary experience. Unlike the superhuman characters of the Resident Evil games, Dead Space kept itself refreshingly simple by making the player take the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer trapped in a horrifying situation. The creatures were scary, the AI clever, and the weapons just useful enough without being broken. Now, two years later, Visceral Games has bestowed us with its much anticipated second installment. Does it make for a satisfying sequel? On the whole, it’s safe to say it does. (more…)

Superman Reboot Villian?

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