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Fringe Season 3 Episode 11 “Reciprocity” Review

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Review

If you played the original Assassin’s Creed, you most likely remember a monotonous checklist of events which had roughly the same impact on your brain as taking a Valium. Only when you actually had to assassinate someone – which only occurred a handful of times – did the game become interesting. Then you were treated to a philosophical mishmash of pretentious conversations… and then sent back into repeat the experience over and over again. Furthermore, the core story wasn’t even really the period piece we were meant to believe… you were playing out someone’s ancestral memories through some kind of Matrix-esque technology.  Everyone wrote the game off as an ambitious failure and hoped Ubisoft would learn from their mistakes the next time around. When Assassin’s Creed II debuted, the shift in quality stunned gamers everywhere. The pacing became faster and more even. In addition, Ezio proved to be a far more compelling character than Altair. Most importantly, the ludicrous present day storyline was kept to a minimum. Now, a mere year after the second installment is released Ubisoft brings out Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, a conclusion to Ezio’s tale. With a multiplayer component (a first for the series), many thought the single player would be glossed over. Fortunately, the single player remains quite lengthy, but not as well plotted as its predecessor. Minor spoilers ahead. (more…)

The Hobbit Delayed… again.


Doesn’t it feel like sometimes… God just doesn’t want this movie to be made? At this point, I’m not surprised Jackson is sick. Still, I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing him a speedy recovery. Pain may be temporary, but death certainly isn’t.

Get well soon, Mr. Jackson!

The State of Sexism in Gaming

IGN posted an editorial commenting on the state of female characters in gaming. The editorial in question chastises gaming for having female characters that are constantly in need of the help of men and/or played for their sexuality in order to sell games. While I certainly agree there is a problem with weak or unrealistically sexual female characters in games, I very much disagree well portrayed female characters are as rare as the editorial claims. The author of the editorial couldn’t come up with ten female characters who met the parameters specified above. As a counter argument, I present the following list: (more…)

The Dark Knight Rises Story Speculation

Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film is still a ways off, but the hype surrounding it is already understandably high. The original plan for the third movie, David Goyer once said, was to bring the Joker back in a supporting capacity. However, the tragic passing of Heath Ledger has put a hitch in that plan. As a result, Chris Nolan, his brother Jonathan, and Goyer are left in a rather difficult position of putting together a film that ties up the storylines they laid down in Begins and Knight while staying true to the incarnation of the Bat they’ve created. So, here is my speculation on what we’re getting on the next movie based on the little snippets of info and rumors we’ve received. I’m going to work with reliable sounding rumors and official statements from those involved in Nolan’s films. General possible spoilers below: (more…)

Tron Legacy Review

Growing up, I seemed to have missed seeing the original Tron. It seems like once you hit a certain age, it has a different meaning. When released in 1982, the movie became a commercial disappointment, but has somehow managed to become a beloved cult classic. To the millions of kids growing up in the days of early computing, Kevin Flynn became a hero and idol. I personally viewed Tron for the first time back in March. I’m sad to say I wasn’t very impressed with the film, as it seemed like they spent most of the run time describing the why’s of the plot rather than acting out a story with character arcs… which are very, very thin. Still, Tron has a certain charm that I’m sure is only enhanced with nostalgia. So, while I understand why someone might love the movie I find it difficult to share the sentiment. (more…)

Summer Movie Season 2010… remember how it sucked?

I wrote this article last August, detailing the various problems that plagued the last summer movie season. Hopefully, there are a few trends at work here that movie studios will stop in the future:

... or how I learned to stop worrying and love 3-D.

The American summer movie season has long stood as an entertainment juggernaut, transforming May, June, July, and August into a tour de force of big budget blockbusters for the movie going populace. From Jaws to The Dark Knight, American moviegoers expect the most bombastic, star-filled epics in the middle of the year. 2008 produced one of the most crowded summers in recent memory, with the return of Indiana Jones, super hero epics, and even Sex and the City. However, with the Writer’s Guild of America strike of 2007, the quality of large releases suffered greatly in summer 2009, culminating in a line-up of largely dismal mainstream films with notable exceptions in Star Trek and District 9. With the 2010 movie season, full of large budget behemoths featuring the likes of Angelina Jolie and Nic Cage, moviegoers and critics alike expected a higher quality summer of entertainment.

Unfortunately, expectations may have been too high.

Critically and financially, 2010 has seen an unexpectedly disappointing summer movie season. The usual barrage of Hollywood remakes, TV adaptations, and sequels have been marketed towards the public with aggressive campaigns promising experiences unlike anything seen before in a theater. Only there is one massive problem:

Almost none of the movies looked particularly good or interesting. (more…)

A Mission Statement

I’m not entirely sure when it happened. I certainly wasn’t alive for it… I merely joined in somewhere in the middle. But somehow, at some time, it happened.

In one way or another, every single one of us became nerds.

... and this was just for a weekday.

It’s easy to blame the release of Star Wars for allowing Geekdom to rise from obscure sects of society into something more widespread, but the seeds had been planted years and years before that. Jules Verne, H.G. Wells,

Mary Shelly and countless other imaginative pioneers laid unbreakable foundations in our culture that have acted as the backbone of something both infectious and wonderful. Superman, Harry Potter and James Bond (just to name a few) are our generation’s mythologies in much the same way Beowulf and Odysseus were to far older generations. They speak to us… and maybe even inspire us. (more…)